Don’t Take Away Floridians' Access to Information.

Oppose House Bill 35 & Senate Bill 402

Every year, Florida’s businesses and newspapers must fend off legislative attacks that would eliminate the multiple requirements for publishing public notices in Florida newspapers, posting notices on newspapers’ websites and placing them in one single place – – and, instead, place the information on either a governmental website or one of the innumerable “publicly-accessible” websites.

The effect? Floridians will be forced to scour a vast and rapidly growing number of websites across the Internet to find a single public notice impacting them.

This would replace the current system which boasts the broadest dissemination of public notice with a single hard-to-find notification.

Today, Florida newspapers provide public notice in four important ways, including:

Publishing public notices in newspapers

Placing public notices on their websites

Uploading public notices to

Florida newspapers send, via email, any public notices they print to anyone who requests them.

These efforts keep public notice transparent and have made Florida a model state for the publishing and posting of this critical information.

Tell Florida lawmakers not to shut the door on transparency. Keep public notice in newspapers, on newspapers’ websites and on one single website – Keep public notice in the SUNSHINE!

The Facts:

  • Florida’s public notice laws are the gold standard for transparency in the nation
  • Florida public notice laws cast the broadest possible net to keep information in the sunshine
  • Public notices aren’t just in print, they’re on the Internet
  • Public notices in Florida are printed in local, community newspapers
  • Florida’s newspapers are required to post public notices online on their websites
  • All public notices are required to be posted on
  • All public notices are available by email at request