Dear Representative,

I ask that you oppose House Bill 7. It will severely diminish public notice by allowing this critical information to only be controlled by governments, effectively leaving the fox to guard the henhouse.

If public notices are moved to an Internet-only format, they will be scattered across the Internet on any one of thousands of different websites, forcing Floridians to scour the Internet to find information impacting them.

The current notice requirement leverages both the Internet and print media to cast the widest net of dissemination and provide the most direct access. This simple, effective and efficient process to avail oneself to public notice will be lost.

Whereas today, newspapers are required to publish public notices in newspapers; place public notices on their websites; upload public notices to; and send, via email, any public notices they print to anyone who requests them.

It is paramount public notice remains protected and as easily accessible as possible.

Please VOTE NO on HB 7.


The Facts:

  • Florida’s public notice laws are the gold standard for transparency in the nation
  • Florida public notice laws cast the broadest possible net to keep information in the sunshine
  • Public notices aren’t just in print, they’re on the Internet
  • Public notices in Florida are printed in local, community newspapers
  • Florida’s newspapers are required to post public notices online on their websites
  • All public notices are required to be posted on
  • All public notices are available by email at request